Suzuki GSXR 1000 R RR 2017 - 2019 Custom ECU Flash / Map with Woolich Racing


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Woolich Racing Re-Flash of YOUR Standard ECU

Here at Parkitt Racing we have been flashing ECU's for a number of years and have the tech know-how and product knowledge to guide and assist you through the process of tuning your bike. We are an Aftermarket Parts supplier, Suspension Specialist and Main Ohlins/K-tech Dealers along with many other brands and we run a full workshop facility and full Dyno facilities.

This listing is for a custom map / flash ECU modification for your Suzuki GSXR 1000 R or RR 2017 - 2019 with  custom fuel map here at our NG22 0NH base.

What we can do at your request

A) IAP Fuel Maps

B) TPS Fuel Maps

C) Ignition Timing Maps

D) Ignition Dwell Map/s

E) Electronic Throttle Valve (ETV) Maps

F) Fuel Trim Map/s

G) Injector Balance Map/s

H) Exhaust Valve Opening Maps

I) Adjust RPM Limiter

J) Adjust Fan Temperature

K) Quickshifter / Autoblipper Activation Voltage

L) Woolich Quickshifter - (Requires Race Tools)

M) Woolich Autoblipper - (Requires Race Tools)

O) Pit Lane Limiter - (Requires Race Tools) or available as a £100 extra to the base mapping

P) Disable Evap / Purge Valve

Q) Disable Stock O2 Sensor

R) Disable Deceleration Fuel Cut

S) Disable Exhaust Valve

T) Disable PAIR Valve / AIS

W) Disable Top Speed Limiter

X) Disable Steering Damper

Y) Traction Control Maps

Z) ECU Mode - Immobiliser delete

Contact us if you have any Questions or to Discuss the above

Thank you

Any Questions just ask.

Collection is available.

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