Motul Helmet Care Pack


Product Description

Save £5 by Purchasing these together in one handy pack.

For more than 160 years Motul have been evolving and setting the highest standards with their products.

Throughout this time, the company has made no secret and pride themselves on the fact that their workforce is driven by demanding ethos, passion and respect. The results have been constant innovation and products that satisfy at even the highest technical level.

The Motul helmet care pack includes Motul M1 helmet and visor clean, Motul helmet interior cleaner and a microfiber cloth in a convenient kit.

Conviniently, the helmet and visor cleaner has been developed to clean without leaving any marks. Despite not leaving a residue, the spray also helps prevent insects sticking to visors once cleaned but will also dissolve dirt and bugs that have already dried on.

Whilst the interior cleaner is a specially formulated, bactericidal sanitiser for the thorough cleansing and neutralising of a helmets interior. Easily eliminating unpleasant odours for a fresh feel, it's formula is non-irritating to the skin and has been dermatologically tested. With the constant innovation and the ability to decvelop the right products.

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