No Limits Racing Paddock Support

The aim of this page is to provide competitors from No Limits Racing a guide on what they can expect from the SOLE OFFICIAL paddock supplier.

The page will be expanded up as time goes on and if something isn't covered please contact us at

  • Parts & Clothing

We carry a selection of parts such as brake pads, footpegs, levers, bars & clipons, accessories, helmets, gloves and MUCH MUCH more. Sadly, covering these events is more expensive than you may think, and some parts trackside are priced higher then RRP - to avoid this you can pre-order your parts from our webshop and we will take them to the event free of charge or please contact the office on 01777871095

  • Mechanical / Repair

At the event will be a number of qualified mechanics. Should you require any mechanical or electrical work on your bike we will do our best to help you get back on track and continue with your weekend. Given the busy nature of weekend we cannot make any guarantees but as x-racers ourselves we know what it means to miss a race and we will do everything we can to get you going again. We charge £60 per hour with a minimum charge of £20 and can do simple thing such as fitting a Chain Guard to replacing entire gearbox assembly.

  • Suspension Set-Up & Repair

During the race weekend you will have access to at least 2 qualified suspension technicians who will be able to assist you in setting up your bike. Information can be found HERE and you can also pre-purchase set-up from that link. Should you run into any problems such as a leaky fork seal - we will be on hand to make trackside repairs and get you back out to race.

  • Tyre Supply & Fitting Services.

Our 2017 price list can be found HERE. We carry a selection of tyres at the event but do encourage pre-orders for two reasons 1) It will guarantee your size and compound choice 2) It will save you money!. We will send an email out to the membership prior to the event. If you haven't already signed up visit HERE

It should be noted, that when at the race weekend we only stock Pirelli & Metzeler. If you are competing in the "OPEN" and want to use another brand of tyre we can supply those to you on a pre-order basis ONLY.


1) Book in with Staff when you arrive at the awning
2) Pay for swop / New Tyre
3) Collect when ready from the dedicated collection area

It couldn't be simpler!

 Please Present Clean Wheels
 Remove Sprocket carrier
 Remove spacers (inc internal Yamaha ones)
 Remove valve caps
we cannot be held responsible for lost items and it also speeds up the process.


 And finally.... what compound should you use????? Well these link should help. Please use them in conjunction with the price list as not all patterns are available in certain compounds