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Parkitt Racing is the largest Trackside Support Company in the UK (and possibly Europe). We are the main contractor to No Limits Trackdays and No Limits Racing. We provide the cover for over 300 UK Trackdays, 8 race weekends and over 28 European events.

No Limits are the largest UK Trackday organiser and also hold a number of events in Europe that are ideal for that pre-season testing event in the sun or for a jaunt with friends and family to some of the most revered circuits in Europe.

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Whilst at the track we provide a Tyre Support Service, Suspension Support Service and a Spare Parts Service.

Tyre Support

At each event there will be a selection of tyres available in a selection of sizes – should you require something specific you are advised to contact us at least two days prior to the event to ensure we take the tyres you require to the track. We also offer a fitting service at the track and the prices are as follows: FROM: £12.50 UK, £10 Race, £15 European TD – that is for loose wheels only.
When bringing your tyres to the support team please ensure they are stripped of items such as spacers, Cush Drive and valve caps. We also respectfully request they are brought clean.

We can also remove the wheels from your bike for an additional charge.

Suspension Support

Our technician will start by initially setting your bike (Looking at overall geometry, sags, damping rates and the general attitude of the machine) and then fine tuning to give you the optimum balance throughout the day based on the input and feedback you give him (no matter how basic, as he is trained to interpret and ask questions). If you have never had your suspension set-up it can be the best £50 (one day or £75 for two days) you have ever spent! If your suspension is not working for you it will be working against you.

Not only, we will be setting your suspension, we will guide you through what we are doing, and why we are doing it. We will analyse, with you, your riding style and give you tips on parts of the circuit where improvements can be made (having ridden them ourselves).

This combination of set-up, track advice, body position help and riding technique advise will make you a safer rider, give you longer tyre life and help you get more out of your trackday.

It not just a suspension set-up, its an experience!

We also offer services such as fork seal replacement, suspension servicing and problem diagnosis. This is on an individual basis and we recommend you talking to the technician on the day to discuss your requirements.

All of Parkitt Racing’s technicians are fully qualified, have full class room and track/workshop experience.

Our suspension Team is led by Neil Parkhouse who is our Ohlins Diploma Level trained technician.

Trackside Assistance

We always have a mechanic on hand should you require any mechanical assistance. Given the limited tooling we can carry away from the workshop not all problems can be solved but though experience, ingenuity and a high level of skill we can usually get most riders back out on circuit.

Parts Service

All the Trackdays we attend will have Parts Service – sometime extensive, sometimes basic. We carry items such as Clip-On Bar, Footpegs, Levers, Brake Pads, Oils & Cleaners etc. Please don’t forget that we cannot carry everything for everyone, therefore is a specific part is required we can deliver to the circuit if it is pre-ordered at least two days in advance. Our NG22 0NH base has a large stock of mail order items that when pre-ordered for a Trackday will ALWAYS be at RRP.


Because the Trackday dates are constantly changing we cannot publish the dates we are attending so if you have a specific requirement for a specific Trackday please contact us on or 01777 871 095.

No Limits Trackdays will ALWAYS have support services covering them and to assist us in the endeavour we also use sub-contractors along the way. We check the credentials of all our sub-contractors to ensure No Limits Trackdays have the best cover at all times.

For all enquires please email or call 01777 871 095