Mobile Dyno & Tuning

DynoPower specialize in the manufacture of precision vehicle chassis dynamometer systems, developed primarily for the motorcycle tuning industry.

Neil & Tony are qualified DynoPower Dynamometer Technicians and can offer all our customers the best service and advice, for both carburettor and fuel injection systems.

  • Power runs and top speed
  • Torque and horsepower
  • Air/Fuel analysis
  • Carb set-ups
  • Power Commander fitting and custom mapping
  • Quickshifter fitting and set-ups
  • Clutch fitting and set-ups

The images shown are of our own mobile dyno unit. This allows us to dyno from our base, or anywhere else in the country. This in fact now forms the basis of our business.

How It Works

A solid steel drum, which is of a known rotational inertia, is used. This allows the DynoPower (c) software to calculate the power, using pure maths, at any given road (drum) speed. And by hooking up to the motors ignition system as well to monitor the real time rpm, we can produce an accurate power & torque curves from any motorcycle. These are then corrected to SAE J-1349 / DIN 70020 / ISO 1585 or EEC 80.1269 standards and then stored on the computer for future use. Because all of this data is accurately calculated, no initial calibration, or re-calibration is ever required, and the figures that are produced can only ever be absolutely correct. This means that any tests conducted on different DynoPower dynamometers in different parts of the world or country can be compared directly to each other no matter who built it or where it is located. 

In addition the run data can be stored, and/or given to the customer for them to keep.

Our Dyno can be used in conjunction with DynoJet (Power Commander), Motec & Ignitech Ignition Systems.