Dyno Tuning & ECU Flashing


Parkitt Racing's Dynojet 250i with load control & torque cell is the perfect tool when mapping modern and older motorcycles. The load cell allows us to hold a constant RPM when mapping fuel and ignition at a range of throttle positions. The 250i is a true class leading Dyno.

Our Dyno Services Cover the Following

  • Supply & fitting of Dynojet, Bazazz, Rapid Bike and K&N products
  • Supply & fitting of Race Cans or Full Exhaust Systems
  • Supply & fitting of Power Commanders
  • Create custom Motorcycle fuel maps
  • Fuel Injection Re mapping and Carburettor set up
  • ECU Mapping via Woolich Racing Software
  • Engine running-In
  • Gearbox checking
  • AutoBlipper Installation


 Each bike that we set-up is custom mapped - we do not use generic fuel maps. Our technicians will accurately fuel map your bike using TPS Vs RPM and the dyno's load cell. Each bike is individual and as such we do not recommend the use of "Generic" maps. 


 ECU Flashing is now proving to be the new way forward and Parkitt have been flashing ECU for several years now.

 ECU flashing opens a multitude of possibilities when it comes to electronically tuning your motorcycle. With more conventional fueling modules you are restricted to Fuel Mapping only (unless addidtional modules are purchased such as Ignition Modules), with ECU flashing you have access to a number of the maps such as IAP & TPS Fuel tables, Ignition Tables, Secondary Throttle Plates, Electronic Throttle Maps - to name just a few. 

With regulation becoming ever more stringent, bikes are becoming more and more restricted and using the data within the ECU we are able to re-map certain elements of your motorcycle.

Fancy an Autoblipper? Perhaps a Quickshifter? Pit Lane Speed Limiter? Engine Warm up Feature and even Launch control....?

All of these can be added to certain motorcycles in whats known a "Race Tools"

Unleash your bikes full potential.

Whats more... Its Cheaper!!!! A full custom map via the ECU costs less then most after market fueling modules with an average saving of over £250.

For more details please contact us on 01777 871 095