Suspension Supply & Service Centre

Suspension servicing is one of the most under rated services a rider considers being done.

However, keeping on top of your suspension servicing will allow you to ride at 100% of your ability without the bike compromising the rider with tired and ‘soggy’ suspension. Your service your engine.... why not your suspension??

Our in house senior technician, who has been trained to Diploma level by Ohlins, will look after your every need from initial advice, through to impartial recommendation and finally actioning your service or upgrades, 

We are one of very few Ohlins Sales and Service Centres.


Parkitt are also a "Performance Centre" for the supply, Installation and service of ALL K-Tech Products.

This covers everything from a SSK Piston Kit (revalve), DDS / IDS / RDS Cartridges, DDS & DDS Pro Shock as well the all new Razor range of Shocks.

As a performance shop and suspension supplier we also service, sell and upgrade other makes of suspension such as Original Equipment, K-Tech, Bitubo, Wilburs, WP ETC ETC




Our basic service costs are as follows:

Front Fork From Service £140

A front fork service covers a full strip and clean. The Guide bushes and dust seals are inspected for wear, the fork legs are checked for wear and run out, the compression and rebound valves are stripped and cleaned and all shim stacks dismantled and cleaned (where applicable). The forks are then rebuilt using OEM or OE quality NOK oil seals. If any wear is evident, we report to you before under taking any additional work so you do not have any surprises.

Front Fork Service (Ohlins) £180

As above but we refill with Ohlins 1309 Oil in accordance with the manufacturers recommendation.

Front Fork Service (Superbike / Bitubo etc) £180

Some forks have gas pressurised cartridges that need additional seal heads and some Superbike forks have additional parts that require servicing and as such increases the price over a "Standard" fork.

If you are in any doubt over what forks you have please contact us on 01777 871 095

Standard Shock Service £140

Our rear shock service is similar to that of our fork service. It covers a full strip, Clean and Inspection of all parts. Rebuilt using high quality seals and Ohlins Oil.

We can service most makes of Shock – Please contact us for details.

Servicing your OE fitment shock can real huge benefits as the OE Oil is poor quality and over time can become aerated and create substantial cavitation – which creates poor damping. Most OE shock Oil, when drained, is almost like foam!


Aftermarket Shock Service £160

Some aftermarket shocks require additional parts and seal heads / kits hence the sightly higher price

Kawasaki OE fit Ohlins Steering Damper Race Conversion / Upgrade £60

Kawasaki OE fitted Ohlins steering dampers are built to a specification laid down by Kawasaki and as such do not have the damping quality required for use on the track. We offer a rebuild/service and upgrade for them which changes the damping characteristics more akin to an aftermarket Ohlin unit at a fraction of the price. This conversion is strictly NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE.

Ohlins Steering Damper Service £80

Fully rebuilt used new OHLINS parts where required. Brings the Damper back to an AS-NEW quality.

We also offer a full upgrade service for your OE forks using parts from manufactures such as K-Tech, Bitubo, RaceTech, Andreani and of course Ohlins

In general prices are as follows (This are purely and estimate and customers are advised to obtain a full quote before proceeding with any works)

Springs £85 - £117
Piston Kits £270
Flow Valves (Compression Adjusters) £75
Cartridge Kits £750 - £2500
Complete replacement forks £2000 - £3000
Replacement Rear Shock Units
Re-Valved Rear Shock Units


For ANY of your suspension needs please contact us for a competitive quote and a friendly chat.

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