January Sale!
January 03 2016, 1 Comment

In keeping with the rest of the Retail industry we are having a January sale. The following items have been placed in the sale:

FREE Shipping on Tyres - Jansale001

15% off of Clothing - Jansale002

10% off of Sigma Performance Slipper Clutches - Jansale003

10% off of GB Racing Crash Protection - Jansale004

10% off of ECU Reflashing - Jansale005

10% off of Motorcycle Service "Kits" - Jansale006 (applies to Silkolene & Motul & Kits)

10% off of Tracktanium Wheel Spacers - Jansale007

New products are being added almost everyday!

In order to redeem the discount please use the offer code by the product. Only one offer code can be used per transaction.

Happy 2016!

Thank you